Thursday, October 8, 2015

Putzing on a Sunday Afternoon

A couple weeks ago I spent the week end in the Twin Cities with my friend Annie.  We went to the first annual Bella Crafts Connection event.  Such great fun we had.

On Sunday, we had a crafter's delight day - we stayed in our PJ's all day and made backgrounds with stencils, stamps and then made card fronts.  It was such great fun playing with all of Annie's fun stamps.  Love the humor in these stamps.  This was given as a birthday card to one of my Ya Ya's.  I love that pop of pink/red on the card front.

I always think it is so much fun to just sit down and play and see what you come up with.  I have 10 card fronts done.  I actually have the valentine cards for my daughters done.  Wow - of course - will I be able to find them come Valentine's Day - that will be another question to be answered in the future.

Have a wonderful day.  I am taking it easy; I had some oral surgery done yesterday but taking it easy does mean I should be able to putz with my craft stuff - not clean the garage.  (Insert grin)

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Yvonne B. said...

This sentiment is priceless! I'm glad you got to spend some relaxing and creative time with Annie. There are some special souls for each of us in this world, and you two have that bond--PJs and all!