Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday - more Mouse Woes

Monday - notice I did not say good - another chapter in the Mouse Woes at my house - so I got brave today and was going to drive my car to work. Put rubber bands around my pant legs - not critters up my pant legs - and got my stuff in the car - car turns over but does not stay started. So had to call the local repair/tow company - $100 this time for the repair on the car - same thing - chewed up air filter and plugged up air ducts so no air flow. The car is sitting out - I have enough poison in my garage to kill any critters. Hopefully no critters and a car that runs tomorrow - I do know how to pull out my air filter and check it before I take off. And guess what - more snow is heading toward Wisconsin. Picture sad face here.
So the card is for my friend Pat who has been hauling me back and forth to work
Paper - Daisy Bucket
Mouse stamp Stampabilities
Sentiment - Morning Star
Prima flowers - they were white and I wanted a brownish tone so I tea dyed some.
Everyone have a great evening and everyone do there - keep the mouse out of car dance.

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