Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday - where did the week go

Well no pictures today - I am having issues I guess. I didn't have anything new to share anyway. The weather is cold, cold, cold - so my Mo Jo must have gone to the warmer climates.

The week has been interesting. The weather of course - very cold - below zero - with high winds. Did not go into work today - I did bring things home so did manage to get some work done today.

I had car issues the the other night -went to check out the new Hobby Lobby and buy some embroidery floss that my Mom needed. Well the car died when I pulled out into the heavily traveled road - couldn't get it to go - so called for a tow - what do you do - sit in the car - get out of car - etc - I stayed in the car. Had it towed to the dealer - well - the guy from the dealership calls - car is fixed - some little rodent got in - chewed up the air filter and all that stuff got into important parts of the car. $165 dollars later - my car runs - but I am left with the thought is there a rodent in the car with me??? Right now there are two mouse traps set in my car - I hope not to find a rodent in them in the morning. I hate mice!!!!

Well I think I will go stare at some paper again.


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Ivanka said...

Oh my goodness Barb! Rodents, yuck! Hope you get rid of it soon.