Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday - on our way to Friday

Well I could post a picture tonight. This is a card I made last year - the snowflakes are from the US Postal Service site - some of their stamp images make wonderful cards. Tomorrow I will post the card I made with Greta Garbo's stamp -
Update on the rodent story - so today I went out and one of the traps was triggered - so I am totally psyched out - will not drive my car - luckily my friend Pat will swing by and get me - so my boss said it just triggered - did you check the food - did they eat that - by george - they sure did - that peanut butter was pretty licked clean. So tonight - I called my neighbor - he brought over a live trap - hopefully we catch something. Stay tuned for the next saga.
I did buy some House Mouse s tamps - do you think that the rodents now feel this is a rodent safehouse?? Just a thought.

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Ivanka's Card Studio said...

Had to laugh at a rodent safe house!! Too funny least from where I'm sitting!! Love your card! Great idea to use stamp images.