Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone.

 Today I will share two Christmas cards that were made with the recipients in mind.  It involved things that they liked.

The first card is for Sierra.  Sierra loves monkeys and the color orange.

Here is a close up of the monkey in this orange and green sweater with his Santa hat sitting on his tail.  Did you see that the tree bases are wine corks. 

The top of the trees are adorned with Santa hats also.  Glitter was added to the ball and trim on each Santa hat.

This card is for Morgan.  Morgan loves wiener dogs.  I think every Christmas card I have made for her has a wiener dog on it.  I have not found any new Christmas wiener dog stamps so had to be creative.  I used the same idea as Sierra's card.  I could not find my Santa hat stamp so went with a little top hat for the dog and trees.

It was fun creating these two cards. 

Merry Christmas.

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