Friday, November 1, 2013

Unity Stamps and Operation Write Home

I am a collector of stamps - ok - excuse me - I am a collector of anything related to card making and I have one fantastic collection of STUFF.  Who would have thought where that one little class so many years ago would lead.

I have been collecting Unity Stamps and I have decided I need to use one stamp a week on a card.  The week is almost done and I have not done anything yet.  Quickly tonight I decided to get one done.  I want to have 60 cards in my next Operation Write Home box and I am almost there.  Yes hard to believe it is time to make Valentine Cards - but really this is more of a love card that can be used anytime.

I have become quite the fan of putting a design on a paper and then dry embossing the paper.  It makes the design almost melt into the paper.  I wanted the heart to have a little more definition so I added the stitch lines around the outside of the heart.

Aren't you glad Friday is here and we survived a week of work and can now try to enjoy the week end.


Kris B said...

Great card! Love the heart in the background and the embossing! Cute image.

Angeline Choo said...

what a cute card! Love the embossing too and the owls!

Cynthia said...

So sweet. Thanks for sharing!

Ruby said...

Very cute card.

Gaylynn said...

This is sweet. I like the quilt look of it. :)

Laura Turcotte said... beautiful!

Miwa said...

This is an adorable card! Good luck on working your way up to 60 cards to fill the OWH box - what a great cause! :)