Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Graduation - a time for a new beginning - scary, exciting, hopeful. If you are coming out of college - maybe the payment of debt - hoping there is a job for you that will pay big bucks - to help you along the way. This card is for a man who went back to school - when he saw his wife walk the stage at her graduation - he thought I could do this - and he did it and he did it well. Now hopefully there is a wonderful job for him. Congrats Allan - I am very proud of you. Allan was a mechanic in his former life so he will appreciate this truck card.
The design of the card is based on the Cupcake challenge from Taylored Expressions - a fun sketch each Friday - no cupcake in this card.
Same stamp as yesterday and paper.
Everyone have a good evening. The last retirement card is made.

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lindal said...

I love the truck stamp!