Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Caution - another retirement card

Whew - Tuesday is done - had to do a small presentation today and of course there were lots more people than I had thought would be there - but it is done - tomorrow - I am going to go to work for a little while and then spend the remainder of the day with a friend - I am sure we can find some trouble to get into.
Quick post tonight - way too much on TV to watch - Idol, Dancing and the Brewers are playing. I really should just go plant myself in front of the TV. Need to finish the inside of a couple cards.
The paper for this card is from Reminisce - it is race paper - but I think it works great for a retirement card - I have another piece for the final card which will be done at the end of next week. The left side of the inside is finished so that the office can sign it - we gave it to him today.
Everyone have a wonderful evening.

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