Saturday, March 15, 2008

How about an Easter Bucket??

Saturday - almost a memory - I worked this morning - got home and watched the end of the Big Ten game between Wisconsin and Michigan State - what a nail biter - but Bo and the boys pulled it out. Go Badgers. It will be fun to watch them play for the Big Ten championship tomorrow. They are already confernce champs - won the season - now to win the tournament. Did my grocery shopping so I can stay home tomorrow. I really like to have one day of my week end where I do not have to leave the house.
Today's creation is another part of my Easter projects from last year's spring issue of Simply Sentiments. This was a yellow bucket. I cut strips of the patterned paper and adhered to the top and bottom of the bucket. I then punched out circles and squares out of the patterned paper. The paper was adhered to the bucket with Mod Podge by Plaid. Over the top of the paper and the bucket - I put a layers of Sparkle Mod Podge - oh is that fun stuff to use. Adds a beautiful sparkle to your projects. I have even brushed it across the fronts of cards to give them some sparkle.
I must tell you a funny story - my little neighbor boy - Hunter - who is 5 - told me that the Easter Bunny has come already - told his Mom also - there is a blue egg on the floor inside Barb's door. Last night when I went home - lo and behold - on the floor - next to the patio door is a blue plastic easter egg. I must have put it down there when I took a picture of the crate. How observant of Hunter? It is good to see that belief in little children in the holidays in those mystical characters such as the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.
Hope you had a wonderful Saturday.

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jenstamps said...

This is adorable! I love the fun bright colors!