Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Hangovers of Winter

And you all thought I was having a party and celebrating the 40 degree temps today. Not quite. I just thought I would share with you a picture of my flower garden - they plowed everything from the corner onto my flower garden - do you think a tulip is going to make it through that - I have never seen a six foot tulip before - but who knows.

Before Paper Therapy there was Dirt Therapy and it is still good therapy - feeling the sunshine on your shoulders as you pull the weeds and find the flowers - hopefully find the flowers. Of course, I always get lots of company as I gardent - the little ones from the neighborhood always stop by and talk or sometimes they want to help - I give them a little scoop and a place where they can dig and not harm anything.

Soon - well maybe looking at that pile - June. What is your bet on when this pile melts out of my flower garden.

Oh did I tell you - in April - we are going to have some fun on this blog so stay tuned.

No post tomorrow - I am going to see a musical. I did make an Easter card tonight - someone at works wants to buy some so I want to give her a few to choose from and then I will also have some to mail out also.


Lisa642 said...

Your tulips will rise, I guarantee it Barb!! Can't wait to see the fun you have in store next month!!

Conniecrafter said...

Oh man that really stinks about your flower bed, looks like a few days of some good sunshine and warm temps to get that down, you will have to show us the same pic when the flowers do come up!

jenstamps said...

Sorry your garden was covered! :(