Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy Friday

Of course, when you are retired, every day is a Friday but actually a Saturday or Sunday.  It is your time to do whatever you want.  I have been trying to get back into the creativity mood.  I made a card for a friend who is battling cancer.  She likes artsy fartsy stuff so I know she will appreciate this bright card.

The background was made with Dina Wakely's acrylics.  Love these bright colors.  The sentiment and the woman are her stamps also.  I did the background on a piece of old book paper that a layer of gesso had been added to it.  After I painted the lady's dress aqua I knew I had to add some of this color to the background.  I took some of the paint and added water to it.  I then splattered it on top.  Everything now comes together.  The thread was added with gel medium.  I cut apart the sentiment and added it with gel medium.  I then drew around the outside of my words with a black marker.  Of course, I did it very messy like.  I should have done a second grouping of lines and then it would have looked artistic.  

Here is a picture of the pleated accent.  I just tore a couple strips of the paper and hand pleated it.  I tore a strip of black fabric and then sewed the pleated strip on top of the card front.  Any threads hanging out add an artistic touch.  I also used this strip to place my lady so she was grounded and not floating in the air.

Here is a close up of the lady, the thread, and the sentiment.

Thanks for stopping by.  I do love to get all painty.  I think I am going to try a journal spread.  I watched a video this morning and it intrigued me.

Everyone enjoy your Friday and your week end.  I am off to have coffee with a good friend who has moved away from the area.

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