Sunday, October 30, 2016

Craft Banner

In September I attended the second annual Bella Crafts Connection in the Twin Cities.  I had a lovely time with my friends Annie and Ivanka.  It is so wonderful to spend crafty time with your crafty friends.

One of the classes I took was making a Banner.  So much fun.  I did not finish my banner in class because we were doing some of the fun techniques our instructor Chantal Johnson showed us.  I learned how to make Resin Paper - you can see a piece in the middle of the banner - this piece has an antique typewriter on the page.  We also colored some metal embellishments and did some beading.

Here is a close up of the bow and the beading I added to that area.  We had stamped sentiments on muslin strips which are from waxing kits.  I love the pinked edges - I am thinking I need to visit a beauty supply store and get some.  You can also see the resin paper in this picture.  The flower and kraft doily are from my supplies.

The pink tag was from another class I took and I thought the colors went beautifully with this banner.  You can also see more of the resin paper in this photo.

This was a fun class.  Thanks to Chantal for showing me how easy resin paper is to make.

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