Monday, January 5, 2009


Made it through Monday - yeah for me - went into work early - and it was dangerous walking from the car to the building - the parking lot and sidewalks were sheets of ice - as at home - before I went to work - I tried to put melt on the sidewalk - it was so icy I could not even go onto the sidewalk - had to throw the melt from the lawy - tonight I threw 4 buckets of sand up and down the long sidewalk that I unfortunately call mine. I was scared walking into work this morning - tonight leaving - the sidewalk was fine but not the parking lot. Is spring any where near?? Please tell me it is next week.

Tonight's card is a birthday card for one of my son in laws. His birthday was in December - my daughter's birthday is this week and I thought he should get his birthday card before I sent her one - so guess what - I put it in the mail - and forgot to put a stamp on it. Dang.

The image is a copy of a stamp from the US postal service. The paper is from K&Co. dug out the only HB sentiment stamp I could find but I did get it done and will attempt to once again put it in the mail.

Everyone have a wonderful evening.

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