Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

The purple penguin saga continues .....

Stamp: Darcie's

Stamp: Savvy Stamps

Good Monday morning – last week was a hard week so no creating was really done. Sorry for the lack of posts. Of course, today is Oldie Moldie Monday – and I thought I would continue the “Purple/Penguin saga”. I found two more penguin stamps in my stamps so had to make more purple cards. I have found one more penguin stamp so the purple penguin saga will continue – actually I just want to use up all this purple grouping and have it gone.

I am packing up my third box for Operation Write Home – 115 cards in this box – the majority are holiday and winter cards. Guess where all the purple penguin cards are going. I know they will make someone smile. My 8 year old niece helped me get the cards ready to go – she put the stickers on the back of the card and then put the adhesive on the liners. She did a pretty good job – she was picking out stamps that she liked. I have lots of ideas for what to put on her birthday card in December.

We had a small family gathering to celebrate my Mom’s 92nd birthday. She had to bake her own pies for the party but you should have seen the eyes of the great grandkids light up when I said there was pie for dessert. Are you pie person or a cake person? My family is a pie family.

Everyone have a wonderful Monday – my Monday is jam packed – but at least I don’t have to go anywhere after work – I can come home and watch Dancing With the Stars.

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Dawn said...

Cute cards. I like the one bellow too with the bird.