Monday, May 1, 2017

Happy Birthday Monica Blog Hop

I am participating in a blog hop to celebrate the birthday of Monica Taylor.  Happy 50th birthday Monica - may I say the best is yet to come.  To be so young - I can only dream now.  I do remember a few things about when I turned 50.  The blog hop starts at Monica's blog - Taylor Made Cards 4 U.

Monica wanted us to talk about a journey we have taken in our lives.  I will share my card and then I will talk about the journey.

Here are some close ups of different parts of the card.  You can see all the different layers of paper on this section plus the embossing paste which was added on the right side of the card.

Here is the fabric bow that I used to embellish the card.  I tore a strip from a fat quarter and tie it into a bow.  Sometimes torn fabric makes a better embellishment than the more refined ribbon.

Here is a picture of the typewriter.  This stamp has such wonderful detail in it.  You can also see the cheesecloth that I stained which is peaking out from behind the typewriter image.  Along the bottom is a strip of stamped paper which looks like the edge of a torn notebook.  All the paper was inked and distressed on the edges.

Now the journey - I want to talk about my journey through technology.  When I learned to type in high school (we had typing class and we also learned shorthand), I did learn to type on a manual typewriter.  It may have been a little more updated than this image but it was a manual.  I was never a fast typist.  The electric typewriter came along and made things so much easier on the person typing.  You did not have to hammer the keys to make they type.  You did not have to do the manual return, you just pushed a button.  IBM came out with the selectric typewriter.  This machine had little balls you inserted which had different fonts on.  Slowly the surely the computer came along and eventually we had word processing programs.  The ease of producing a document was so much easier.  As the program evolved over the years, the ease of operation continued to evolve.  Many younger people do not know what a typewriter is.  When they says things like that, you feel very old.  I am sure many of you reading this probably have never through the journey through time of typing.  My aunt is 91 years old and she worked in an office and did so much typing.  Her fingers are crippled and bent to the side from her many years of use.  I am actually sending this card to my aunt.

I hope you enjoyed my journey.  Think about what other things have evolved in your lifetime.  Leave me a comment and tell me of something you can think of that has changed.

Happy Birthday Monica.


KJ said...

I know what a typewriter is Barb 😉 I got Mom's old one and got to use it as a kid! It was lots of fun...then it died and I haven't used one since.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card Barb, I could tell it was yours by the bow and then I saw your name. Lol. I used to have a typewriter just like that but gave it to my daughter and kept the old electric one. I too grew up with typewriters and took shorthand in school long ago. It was a great journey.

Monica Taylor said...

Beautiful card! Thanks so much for participating in my Birthday Celebration!
♥ Monica
Be sure to check out the link up party with lots of prizes!
My personal Blog - Taylormadecards4u

Aimee Ann said...

This typewriter image is perfection!

HolyLise said...

This is a gorgeous card! Love the lace details on it :D

Heidir313 said...

I just ordered my first antique typewriter and can't wait for it show up next week. 1940's version and in perfect condition! I love anything vintage. Love your card!

Preeti D. (aka Preety) said...

Such a gorgeous card!! love the vintage look. The typewriters look so nice, perfect for a masculine theme :)

Mary Kay Werry said...

Very nice card - so vintage. I was actually taught on a typewriter when I was young by my grandfather --- and it looked just like that one!

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