Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lucky Finding becomes a card

One day while shopping - my friend that I was shopping with spotted these carrot seed packages - you say what is so special about that - well YaYa Carrots.  I have a special group of friends that our friend Shari named the YaYa's after we watched the movie together - well I had to take the carrot seed packages and make a card for each of my YaYa's.  It is just a sheet of A2 sized cardstock, patterned paper and added a strip of paper and embellishment and ribbon to the strip.  On the back I stamped the saying "you are a 14 carrot friend".  Wouldn't this be a great idea to use flower seed packets and all our wonderful flower sayings we have.


Kathryn said...

So clever, Barb. The package has such a great design and you just enhanced it with the paper and flower!

Ivanka said...

Love this!!